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Two sides of the same coins

We just received this in our mail box from our friends in the north, Oh Dawn :They just released a new edit, with two rolls of 8mm film shot with six months apart. The principle was to shot one film about a summer evening, making an Oh Dawn wood signs outside their workshop in Copenhagen. And another one for some january action from Thé Kattegat, left hand point in the south of Sweden. Two rolls,...

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Happy When It Rains

  It was supposed to be a break from the cold and the dark of Paris life but the weather in the south of France turned into a massive storm. Some can be disapointed but some others take those storms as an occasion to get into creativity. That's how we passed those two days of rain, wind and massive waves. Like the Jesus and Mary Chain said, we were "happy when it rains".Credit : surfinestate

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