Minute Speedshape 2024

After catching some small waves with our speedshape in the kiddie pool, we decided to take it for a spin in a bigger league. On paper, the forecast looked like a surfer's dream. But, between the surprisingly warm water for early winter and a frosty spell hitting the southwest, a thick fog rolled in over the Landes de Gascogne, and it wasn't in any hurry to leave. Our grand plan was to ride a killer wave far out; there were two meters, maybe even more on the gnarly sets. The wave was doing its thing perfectly, but darn it, from the shore, trying to film through that natural smoke screen was a lost cause. So, we bided our time until the tide decided to play nice, giving us the chance to surf a wave closer to the shore. There was a sandbank that looked like it had been custom-shaped for the occasion.

That board is like a trusty sidekick : no matter the conditions, it keeps the stoke alive in every wave. The central channel gives you that sweet grip when you're hanging five on the nose (or close �) . Even though Vincent had been hanging out with twin fins lately, adapting to this new beast only took a handful of waves. We're totally on board with this concept, whether it's ankle-biters or towering two-meter bombs and beyond!

Now, about the tunes, those who tuned into Veeco Productions (VOLCOM) videos in the '90s might have recognized to the intro melody of the film "Magma Plasm." We're giving a nod to that absolute masterpiece, a timeless inspiration for our creative vibes.

Filming : Thomas Villain

Surfing and Editing : Vincent Lemanceau

Music by kathi huhtaluhta - Verano Porteño