The new movie "The dream life of surfers" ("La vie rêvée des surfeurs") or "The worst nightmare of surf culture"

We deeply hope that Miky Dora, Rabbit Bartholomew, George Greenough, Jeff Hakman, Leroy Grannis, Bruce Brown, Pat Curren and his son Tom, Dick Dale, Matt Archbold, John Severson, Ozzy Wright, Bruno Débauché, The Duke and all the heroes of our surfculture will NEVER, EVER have to see this movie -not even 2 minutes of it- , from WHEREVER they're watching us right now.
We have faith in the greatness of the sport and the culture of surfing but this only conveys the cheesiest and most ridiculous cliché about surfing...
If we were in politics, we would probably call for a strike or a riot just for the damage it causes to us surfers and to the surf stakeholders (industry, institutions, pro surfers...)
Because we are lovers, and not fighters, we decided to deny it.