The dilemma of Atlantic Slopes

Basque Country is famous for his people, goat cheese, piment or lifestyle but also because of frequence rain and the bad weather lasting there for a while... And this year is pretty bad. I mean pretty bad for every kind of people who are not focus on weather forecast and how to play with it. 

An enthousiast person could turn it on a positive thought... (There are always small windows to go for something)
"hmmmm, it's raining cats and dogs, it's 4 degrees celcius outside while we are close to the sea, so it might snow at a 600 m altitude in the Pyrenees. Well! Let's go snowboarding!"

The dilemma is when there is a massive snow fall and also some good waves to shred. 
One solution is to do both in the same day.

The endless enthusiasm. 

Merci les Pyrennées Atlantiques...

Credits : Bastien Bonnarme