Richard Serra - The Matter of Time

Again, we went over Bilbao and visite the Guggenheim museum. And again, we had a look at Serra's work.
Richard Serra is an American artist and we do not know if he surfs or does skateboard. He is known for working with large-scale assemblies of sheet metalHis site-specific works challenge viewers perception of their bodies in relation to interior spaces and landscapes, and his work often encourages movement in and around his sculptures.

As you may know, Bilbao is one of the best town in Europe for skateboarding and surfing, and Serra's work is kind of a resonance of that, completely independent, but much more relevant than we have ever thought. Curves, structures, matter are just a call of playing with it. As surfers, we know how waves are transient, how nature is sensitive. 
It is more than ever true that it is a matter of time.
Skateboarding concrete is more binary : it's raining or it is not. But we note that skateboarders have the obstinacy of going for what they really want, and go for action at the right time. We remember about this pool, closed to Barcelona, partially torn down and buried under tons of rocks and sand. After more than twenty years, a small group of skaters digg it the place to skate again.

Dear Richard, we would love to skate your work and I guess that it is a matter of time.

Crédits : Surfinestate / #fleurdezouz