Please don't tell #2

Winter is a less busy period for Vincent. Between two storms, he makes the most of the swells hitting the Landes coastline by testing his shapes. His "expeditions" are usually done on remote spots, optimizing the number of waves and the pleasure to share a surf with his friends.

Today, he tries the OK! PODIUM model, a twin pin tail, after having modified some details. This model was initially very wide, which made it a surfboard intended for small waves.
Always looking for a "Swiss Army knife" that can be ridden in all types of waves, Vincent tightened the outline a bit by removing almost an inch of width and added a bit of thickness under the back foot.

First conclusive test! The board behaves very well in hollow waves and at the bottom of the wave at full speed, and despite the thickness of the winter suit, it has enough volume to take on all the waves.

These tests allow Vincent to guide you and to modify the models, adapting each surfboard to the characteristics and constraints of each surfer!

Talk soon x