La Minute Karma

Because diversity is bringing more fun and intererest in surfing, it has been a long time we wanted to share this concept of planning hull in action. With this approach of shape, we really wanted to feel the natural flow line of a wave, to be in tune with the wave. Belly bottom, s deck, pretty flat rocker, fin far forward, the design of a displacement hull has to stick to what those legends shapers were doing back in the 70's as Liddle / Andreini or lately Kirk Putman and Tristan Mausse. As we love surfing, we also wanted to bring to this concept a not too ambitious approach but more a natural board which will work also in our beach break.

Music : La Horse - Serge Gainsbourg & Jean-Claude Vannier
Filming and editing : Hannah Wetzel - Arthur Nelli
Surfer & Shaper : Vincent Lemanceau