"High Hopes" Julien JACA

Julien Jaca - Hossegor. Solo exhibition at Surfin Estate


We have been wanting to exhibit his work for a while. We’d like you to meet Julien JACA, a surprising artist and good friend of ours. We've been proud and excited to present the exhibition "High Hopes" by JULIEN JACA. Julien lives and works near us, in Hossegor.

You might already be familiar with his work as an international tattoo artist, a career he started in 2012. Six years later, a specific event leaves an indelible mark on his life, both as a human being and an artist. He made by then his first painting called "THE ONLY PICTURE I WILL EVER HAVE OF YOU". Ever since, JACA has been devoting himself fully to art and pictorial experimentation, embarking on the uninterrupted creative journey of a hundred or so paintings and drawings. 


Julien JACA, Painter and french artist


We spent time with Julien in his workshop—a space he renovated himself and where he paints colorful paintings with unexpected textures. His living environment is the theater of his feelings and his desire to explore and escape, his paintings the sincere result of his career but also of a life path of his own. His many trips made him experience the physicality of traditional works of art and handicrafts—from which radiate a rare honesty, a pure spiritual and visual strength, he says.

"Somewhere on a summer highway, she rides a Harley-Davidson", "Wasted milk", or "Few understand me", 29 of his works are exposed on our walls, before leaving for the other side of the Atlantic, in Miami.


Julien JACA, artiste peintre. Exposition "High Hopes" chez Surfin Estate à Hossegor


We urge you to take a moment with us to discover his art, until August 20th!

We thank Yentl Touboul and Wasted Talent for the photos, originally published in the latest issue of their magazine, along with a full interview.