Escalumade (n. f) salty mist created by the sea spray.

Steven Burke is an illustrator artist based in Hossegor. He is inspired by these magic moments of end of the day, where the "escalumade" takes possession of a paradisiacal village.

Exposition Escalade par Steven Burke chez Surfin Estate

Discover a personal approach to his work, which pays tribute to the local artistic creation of the 30s. When poets, writers, and painters - Sourgen, Rosny Jeune, ... - put a spotlight on Hossegor.
Through a vision close to minimalism, the artist reveals a poetic and colorful exploration of the Landes forest ...

art ©StevenBurke, photos ©Surfin Estate

art ©StevenBurke, photos ©Surfin Estate

art ©StevenBurke, photos ©Surfin Estate

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