Does it shrink in cold waters?

Bastien Bonnarme is a french photographer.
His balls don't shrink in cold waters...
Fully committed, what he likes most is big, thick and cold waves; don't you?...

When he called us on that friday night, he was all frothing about leaving the very next morning to Mavericks (a.k.a Half Moon Bay) for some action with french chargers Eric Rébière and Benjamin Sanchis. By that time, he wasn't fully sure about being able to jump in one of these boats organized in the line up, so he set his mind up to the idea of swimming there...
Scary for most of us but pure rush for Bastien.

It turned out good and came back with a few shots and a few ideas for his next trip there: 
1. going left
2. bodysurfing

Who's in?

Credits : Bastien Bonnarme except for the first (He is the guy with the bodyboard), Todd Glaser.