A Moment With : Jack Coleman

We had the pleasure to host Jack Coleman for the screening of his last release, Zone Frequency. Jack is making surf movies for almost a decade now, we asked him a few questions about everything and nothing.

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SE : Can you introduce yourself 
JC : My name is Jack Coleman born and raised in Southern California.

SE : How did you get into filming ?
JC : I got into filming from my love of surfing and photography. This led to a passion for storytelling through surfing.

SE : How do you choose your soundtrack ?
JC : There is just so many beautiful songs that havnt been heard, and i like to showcase those songs in my movies. Many of the songs are chosen to go with the surfing of each surfer and location.

SE : What’s your favorite camera ?
JC : My favorite camera is a disposable camera:) Second is my super 8, cant tell which one, because they are all being bought up and it is hard to find them anymore.

SE : How do you see surfing these days ? Who inspires you to travel the world and shoot with ?
JC : I see surfing as a new age, all of the surfers in my movies are the ones who inspire me to travel and shoot. Especially what Ryan Burch and Bryce Young are doing.

surfinestate Arthur Nelli Vincent lemanceau Jack Coleman Ryan Burch surf surfboard zone frequency Hossegor France independent shop brand label
Ryan Burch - excerpt from Zone Frequency

SE : If you could travel back in time (past or future), where would you go and why ? 
JC : I would go to the East Coast of Australia in 2013. Lots of energy and innovative surfing happening then.

SE : If you had to listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be ?
JC : The Best of Gregoy Isaac, because it gives me a sunny and happy feel, which would be a good idea to keep in mind when you have to listen to something FOREVER.

SE : What is always in your bag ?
JC : Film and cameras

SE : What is your favorite meal ?
JC : Tacos

SE : What is your favorite wave ?
JC : El Morro, Newport Beach

SE : What is your favorite surfboard length ?
JC : 7’0

SE : Any project coming out soon ?
JC : Next year i will be releasing a fully independent project entitled POLY SUN. It features an unknown unsponsored surfer named Jobin Bookout shot over a 2 year period

See more of Jack's work at jackcolemanphoto.com

PS : Jack's film, Zone Frequency, has been nominated by Surfer as "movie of the year" amongst other great films. You can vote now at surfer.com and support independent filmmakers.