¿ A Donde Esta la Fiesta ?

Ocean, bulls, Same Strong nature hard to tame.
Corrida is an ancestral art coming from Spain. All about putting one's life at stake against the bull like putting one's life at stake confronting a huge wave.

There is a huge debate on corrida with numerous anti-corridas and we don't really want to be a part of it. But actually, the planet will not die because of this traditional & ancestral game. It's pretty simple but true, we (people) would rather choose their fight on fundamental problems whereas being against everything. Haters love hate.

Instead of complaining on Stand Up Paddlers, bodyboarders, bad conditions or spending loads of energy on stylish and fake stuff, surfers had better spend their energy on bigger causes such as environmental issues. Did you know that in ten or twenty years, there will be probably no more sand on our beaches? What about Japan, Maldives, plastics... ?

This was our "¿ A Donde Esta la Fiesta ?"


Some shots from Dax, South of France during the "feria" with the famous El Juli.

Credit : surfin estate, all in 35mm. Ilford 3200.