Zoé De Lune X Surfin Estate - Fin and blue crochet
Zoé De Lune X Surfin Estate - Fin and blue crochet

Zoé De Lune X Surfin Estate - Fin and blue crochet

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Wooden support and daggerboard made by Vincent Lemanceau, founder and shaper of Surfin Estate

Crochet made by Zoé De Lune



Born in the United States and raised in Switzerland, Zoé De Lune quickly realized that studying architecture at the Haute École d'Art et Design in Geneva did not suit her aspirations. She chose the path of freedom and explored the coasts of the oceans and the Swiss Alps in search of inspiration. As a self-taught photographer, she began her practice of film photography and has been with it ever since. Zoé uses photography to capture moments of life and the grain of a film accompanies her in translating the mood of her subjects. Every day, Zoé deepens her knowledge in the field of photography, from shooting to developing. For her, the learning never stops. She gradually joins the professional world of art and seeks opportunities to emancipate herself.


"Where the light goes the shadow follows" is a series of black and white silver photographs that highlight the details created by light and the shadows that result from it. These details are ephemeral. It is necessary to know how to seize them. Through a series of stolen portraits, inked nature and bodies, Zoé explores details often neglected by our hurried gaze. As a multi-talented artist, Zoé is also a crochet lover. It is in this art of knitting that she finds inspiration to create works that are both delicate and striking. During the collaboration with Surfin Estate, it seemed obvious to us that the surf drifts should be linked to her passion. Thus, we combined these two worlds in a perfect marriage, giving birth to unique creations where the flowing curves of surfing and the enchanting patterns of crochet are mixed.

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