43°39'46"N, 1°26'36"W

Wherever you go, our coordinates logo will always bring you back to Hossegor.

Embroidered on our "Dawn Patrol" range, it is the symbol of an eternal desire to escape, the proof of a passion for which we wake up early in the morning to surf at sunrise...

Surfboards & Apparel

Surfin Estate was born from the friendship of a shaper, Vincent, and a stylist, Arthur. Brought together by the love of the ocean and surfing, we offer surfboards that combine fun and performance, all-terrain clothing, and accessories inherited from our passions.

Vincent designs and shapes our surfboards, here in Hossegor. He offers a wide range of templates and shapes so that you can ride the waves meeting your own ambitions. Only one purpose in mind, having fun!

Arthur designs the collections in our office in Hossegor, and travels through Europe to find noble and comfortable fabrics. Our pieces echo our own cherished moments: surfing at dawn, lighting a fire on the beach with friends, walking silently in the forest.

Embrace the movement and discover all our products here and instore.

Redefining classics of surfing for the modern world.