Poster - Free Jazz Vein

Poster - Free Jazz Vein

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Free Jazz Vein is a surf movie directed by the Argentine expatriate in New York: Tin Ojeda. He is known for having directed "Daughter", "Kook Paradise" and "Experience Porno Movie".

It is an experimental film shot in 16mm in the United States, Central America, Australia and Indonesia. Tin Ojeda's idea was to celebrate the aesthetic of surfing, whether in the golden lights of a Pacific sunset or in the clean lines of a surfer in the tube. However, he also wanted to show the hidden from view : the poverty and misery behind paradise surfing destinations. The soundtrack, which mixes jazz, rock and punk tracks, accompanies the images perfectly. For this original film, Tin Ojeda was nominated for a SURFER AWARD for the film of the year.


- Original poster "Free jazz vein" by Tin Ojeda
- Size : 420x620mm
- Paper 160g
- Printed in Hossegor

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