Guillaume Cagniard - Ladj
Guillaume Cagniard - Ladj

Guillaume Cagniard - Ladj

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Aerosol on photographic print

Gray aluminum flush mount
29.5 x 41 cm
Unique work


Guillaume Cagniard was born in Paris in 1982. As a high-school student, he met the artist JR, with whom he formed an extended group that roamed the subway tunnels, steep rooftops and streets of Paris. Guillaume Cagniard uses spray paint and fat caps. At the age of 18, these traces left on the walls carried with them the desire to forge a strong bond with his environment and its materials. He experienced the total freedom of setting no limits for himself. This was the start of a long friendship with JR, whose artistic director he became after 4 years at art school.
This collaboration confronted him on a daily basis with his relationship to the image and his own aspirations. After documenting some of the artist's projects around the world, he began making music videos, working with a wide variety of artists including Booba, Matthieu Chedid, Oxmo Puccino, Sébastien Tellier, ALT-J and Clément Froissart. He received numerous awards (Club des DA, Staff Picks, Cannes Lions, etc.), and was hailed by the press and public alike.

The moving image, but also the lasting image. As the years went by, photography took pride of place in his work. Henceforth, it is the preferred medium for a resolutely personal artistic practice.

The wide-open spaces of the Landes coast, where he set up his painting studio, offered him a breath of fresh air, with pine forests and beaches as far as the eye could see, just what he needed to give free rein to his work as an artist. The images are born here, the paint cans have also made the trip, and it's only natural that these two techniques should come together to reveal the singular trajectory to which this exhibition bears witness. We discover sensitive works that aspire to step outside the box, while questioning man's relationship with his environment.


For his second exhibition, Guillaume Cagniard presents a series of works with multiple influences that can be traced back to his personal trajectory. These are inspired by his career as a young tagger, and his experiences as a filmmaker/photographer whose practice gives rise to new relationships with nature and wide open spaces.

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