Through Naomi's eyes

Streetwear and design are as much sources of inspiration as they are of collaborations that express the contemporaneity, despite the timelessness of his filmic universe. Naomi's work is mainly based on colour and the interplay between different shades. She expresses these colorimetric assemblies especially with portraits. Portraits that she builds as graphic compositions where shapes and flat tones of colour balance each other.

Colour, which she considers to be her main source of inspiration, has an essential role in the creative process. Each colour is created from the previous colour in order to bring depth to the mixtures and unity between specific hues, which seem opposed at first. The different lights and interplay of shadows in her paintings bring several shades of skin colour on one body.
Her colours game leads our reading through a more collective and inclusive representation, in a language that is as much emotional as instinctive.