JULIEN JACA lives and works in Hossegor. Previously an international tattoo artist, 3 years ago a specific event leaves an indelible mark on his life, both as a human being and an artist, whose impact still lingers on in one of his first paintings called THE ONLY PICTURE I WILL EVER HAVE OF YOU. Ever since, JACA has been devoting himself fully to art and pictorial experimentation, embarking on the uninterrupted creative journey of a hundred or so paintings and drawings.

Raw, intuitive and disruptive, JACA’s hand has no specific plan. In his very own cathartic urge, paying no heed to aesthetic perfection, JACA revisits and hijack outsider art. By colliding pop figures and naive illustrations with each other, the artist becomes a myth-maker. Using some archetypes for their immediate symbolism, he stages personal and familiar icons in almost photograph-like frontal poses. In these figurative pictures, the artist twirls 70’s US culture imagery, female nudes, and naive art’s primitivism around.