New model in the making

Shaper à Hossegor

"103 SPX" model

For the past 6 years, Vincent has been constantly evolving his work around the shape to give you surfboards that are always more fun and performant.

"Finding the right concept and shaping the magic surfboard makes the job even more challenging", according to him.

His enthusiasm makes him always listening to the surfers around him, to give life to new creations.

This once, it's not a client but Paco, a young surfer from the Basque Country with whom we've been working for a while, asking him to design a model. This twin would be less wide than the existing models and more able to go up quickly in the wave to be able to take off. A whole program!

 Shaper working at the bay.


They started from the "Mobylette" template and widened it a bit to give a more fishy outline, with a softer and round squash tail - that will favor direction changes. 


Croquis d'une planche de surf par Vincent Lemanceau, shaper à Hossegor.


For us, new model means of course testing in the water! Vincent shaped two prototypes with different configurations of fins: a twin for Paco and a quad for him.

The first tests are promising for both Paco and Vincent. The surfing approach is already comparable to their expectations: speed, drive and a very dynamic and performing surfboard in all waves, up to two meters. We are currently documenting and filming. We'll tell you more about it soon! Oh, and the name will be "103 SPX", sounds familiar?


Vincent et Paco en train d'essayer un nouveau modèle de planche de surf, dans les vagues d'Hossegor

Meanwhile, don't hesitate to contact Vincent for more details on the template.