Minute Speedshape


Our 'Speedshape' is meant to be a Swiss knife, capable of performing well in both small waves and more substantial swells. For this first video, we surfed perfect small waves one morning in Hossegor. The conditions were ideal to definitively validate this board concept. Riding the wave, finding the right lines, and playing with the break was natural for Vincent, who tells us, "the board takes off nicely when you're well positioned paddling, the rocker adds maneuverability and ease in changing directions, and the central channel provides a flat point in the middle of the board that gives a great feeling of glide in the trim line. While the board isn't a noserider, it still performs very well in cheater five, with good hold and stability on the nose. I was super enthousiast about the board, that could be a "go to" single fin for the Atlantic coast!"


Music by : Digable Planets - Rebirth of slick (cool like dat)
Filming by Thomas Villain
Surfin and Editing by Vincent Lemanceau