Minute Planche de Smurf - Guethary

Only two hours of daylight left and we decide to head to Guethary, France. The wind is still onshore, the ocean is raging, and a little voice urge us to take the road.

On the way, the wind drops and the weather picks up. The magic has worked. The lineup is empty and the sunset is still there to light up.

The waves are bigger than expected but the Planche de Smurf 6'0 just out of the glassing behaves very well in these powerful forecasts with strong water movements: the surfboard goes very well, its tail quite wide gives it a lot of speed but it remains easy to put on the rail.

A moment out of time that reminds us why we love the ocean and surfing so much.

We also make the most of this session to try a Polyola foam, the first manufacturer of recycled and recyclable polyurethane foam combining performance and durability. A subject that is particularly close to our hearts these days, when our actions will define the world tomorrow.